Sunday, 28 December 2014


I don't usual write about my workplace directly on social media or this blog. But today I'm just going to briefly touch on some of what makes it a good place to work for me. Basically for me a good work place always boils down to two things 1) the people and 2) a general sense of inquisitiveness.

Working Late by Thomas H√łyrup Christensen
I work for 15below a software development company that specialises in the travel industry. It's fair to say we are probably market leaders in the kind of workflow driven notifications that we do.

We have internal tools that started for a particular business need and are now side projects such as Gallifrey, what I love watching here is how is allows people to play with techniques that aren't always useful in the day job - such as click once deployment in github

We also have internal tools, which are part of say our build chain, that get open sourced - such as the aptly named Build.Tools or fixes to how packaging works in NuGet, which as well as that project spawned and article on how NuGet Install is broken (and follow up from Michael the author of NuGetPlus).

Some of our internal research and prototyping also turn into blog articles such as Lua for scripting workflows or Adaptive techniques for polling. These ideas don't always make it into the product, but hopefully someone in the wider community will find them useful.

We also bring in ideas where possible, such as TDD that tie in neatly to lessons 2 and 4 from what one of our co-founders has learnt over the past 10 years.

That's just a small selection of articles that scratch the surface of what gets me up in the morning to go to work.

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