Saturday, 14 January 2012

Welcome, an introduction to my blog

Why hello! thanks for stopping by on my blog. I'm not sure I have much to say or that I'll get around to actually writing it with all the avenues for creating on the web these days :-) The thing is that all these different channels on the internet tend to express an aspect of who we are - say the professional, hobbies and interests. I have:
  • Facebook for posting notes to my friends,
  • LinkedIn for shorter posts on matters related to my professional life
  • Google+, flickr and 500px for photography related matters
  • Twitter for short links on all of the above
So why have I started a blog? Well, I'm lucky to work in a field in which I have a strong intellectual interest. I read a lot of blogs, papers and reports on the area I work in. I also have a lot of discussions with my colleagues and observe how the teams I interact with work. Previously I have done a few academic courses to keep my mind ticking over, organise my thoughts and provide a space for writing this down. It's been a while since I've done this, so I'm feeling a bit mentally "flabby" in the same way that I don't run, or exercise as often as I used to, and I feel a bit physically unfit :-)

However, with all the social media I currently use I don't have anywhere to write longer posts on any of this. I could use LinkedIn, but I want somewhere with a nicer blogging experience that I can link to from LinkedIn or Twitter. I'll probably be writing on topics like ... the software development lifecycle, risk, projects, knowledge management. I won't be writing about my cool new algorithm in C++ or interesting new ways of using for loops.

I've been mulling over some ideas for the past week about company hierarchy, responsibility and the business/technical divide.

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