Thursday, 8 September 2016

SimpliFlying Airline Marketing Innovation Lab - Aviation Festival Europe 2016

This week I spent half a day at the SimpliFlying Airline Marketing Innovation Lab. This kicked off the of the build-up to the Aviation Festival. There were a range of people from different airlines attending. Covering social media and marketing roles. I was part of the "disruption communications" rotation, so got to hear a range of approaches to the different scenarios. 

One thing that is striking about airlines is how open they are about most operational matters - just don't ask them to share commercial details like ancillary deals! But that's probably as how airlines deal with communications or customer service is closely aligned to their brand. Even if they use the same tool or know the techniques of another airline it may not make sense in their context. EasyJet is different from BA who are different again from Emirates. 

I wish I could share more from the day, but I'll leave with this. The customer service professionals at airlines aren't uncaring robots. They also do try and solves people's problems. But they can't always share details of what they are doing in public channels like Twitter. Although being human and following company policies, they sometimes do make mistakes, like United after they broke a guitar

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