Tuesday, 29 March 2016

CONFERENCE: Travel Technology Initiative Spring Conference 2016 - UX Revolution

In the run up to a 15below customer conference I always seem to attend another event with some similarities elsewhere. This year was no different with the Travel Technology Initiative Spring Conference in London around the topic of the "UX revolution" that has been occurring in travel over the past couple of years.

The first of the stand-out talks for me were Anna Chomse, Industry Head - Travel at Google who showed the process going from exploring holiday options to booking, with the different needs at each stage. She then showed a few examples of good design reflecting those needs, and how search terms used or platform (such as mobile) can make a difference to the experience of using the site. Thomson holidays was one example of how to do it right. (The Hoover website with its search terms not in the user's language and confusing mobile experience was an example of how not to do it)

Next Sam Crowther, Head of Creative at Bauer Radio then took us on journey through sound. This was one of the best presentations I've attended in the past few years. Sound is an underrated sense that can influence is while going largely unnoticed. One example given was a project that increased sales of either German or French wine according to the music played - and only one person when asked noticed any music playing!

Close run for my top three, but Fergus Boyd, Group Director, VP of Digital & IT at Yotel gave an entertaining talk on digital transformation at Yotel and the big positive improvement to the bottom line that was a direct result of making the website easier to use and improving the user experience nicer. One key takeaway for me was that a lot of the improvements he talked about were innovations to the hotel industry but fairly standard for airlines, for example check-in kiosks.

Also a mention to Kaan Aydogmus, Creative Director at Magnetic London who showed some examples in tourism marketing materials integrating AR and print. Looks like a neat way to bringing alive travel agent brochures and provide updates and offers once the print run is over.

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